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Looking for a sturdy water bottle that will help keep your dog hydrated on long walks? Then look no further, because our Bottle is just what you need. Made of high quality ABS and PC material, it's strong and durable, and it won't break easily, even if you drop it. Plus, it's easy to use and easy to carry with you, but it's also easy to keep clean. And it's super lightweight and very comfortable, which makes it perfect for your dog.



    • Height: 23.5 cm (9.2 inch)
    • Width: 6.5 cm (2.5 inch)


    • Water container : 300ml
    • Food container: 100ml


    High quality ABS and PC material, it's strong and durable, and it won't break easily, even if you drop it.


    We ship worldwide within 10-15 business days!

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    Designed especially for you

    Our bottle was designed especially for your needs!

    It's super lightweight and very easy to use.

    There is only one button to manipulate the water that is designed to help you water your dog outdoor easily  and quickly.

     The style of the water trough designed not only to save space and make it easy to carry with you, but also to make it easy to clean.

    Our bottle features a lock system to ensure no leakage, especially during travel.

    Best materials for the best friend

    Our bottle made from high quality food-grade ABS & PC material, that is very strong and durable, so you can be calm and confident that the bottle won't harm your dog's health and won't break easily even if you dropped it.

    Hydrated everywhere and anytime❗️

    It doesn't matter what you do. A long trip , mountain climbing or just a simple walk in the park. Keep your dog always hydrated, healthy and happy 🐶💦

    Keep your dog's water always clean and fresh💦

    With our carbon filter your dog's water stays clean, fresh and healthy!

    Our filters are easy to maintain and replace, so you can always ensure your dog has access to clean water!

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